CariNet to Offer Virtual Private Datacenter Hosting Services, Leveraging 3Tera’s AppLogic Cloud Computing Platform

April 30, 2009
April 30, 2009 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – CariNet, a regional datacenter operator and global provider of Internet-based hosting services, announces the immediate availability of their new Virtual Private Datacenter, or VPD line of services, powered by the award-winning 3Tera AppLogic cloud computing platform.

Leveraging the power of grid technology, CariNet is adding new levels of scalability, reliability and cost effectiveness to its vast set of hosting solutions. Targeted for companies that offer software-as-a-service (SaaS), virtual worlds and other online applications, Virtual Private Datacenters from CariNet eliminate the need for colocation, private racks and managed services by enabling customers to assemble, deploy and manage Internet-scale infrastructure and applications using only a Web browser.

“As an Internet-based services company, we strive to ensure we're utilizing the latest technologies for manageability, high availability, and scalability to remain competitive and meet our rapidly growing customer demand,” said Mark Ortenzi, President, CariNet, Inc. “The AppLogic platform enables CariNet to cut application development time, lower server and administration costs, improve service reliability via its high-availability architecture, as well as improve the performance and growth potential of the CariNet network. In the end, our customers are the true beneficiaries of our system, which is always our primary goal.”

“We are impressed with CariNet’ s dedication to customer success and ability to build new technology solutions” said Bert Armijo, SVP sales, marketing and product management, 3Tera, Inc. “It is exciting to see new hosting partners embracing AppLogic to offer Virtual Private Datacenters to fundamentally change the way people build and operate Internet-scale infrastructure.”

Benefits for Customers:

CariNet Virtual Private Datacenters enable developers to focus on building new application functionality to reduce time to market rather than endlessly configuring hardware, installing software, moving data or porting code to new systems. The new offering eliminates the need for capital investment associated with colocation, private racks and managed services by enabling subscribers to assemble, deploy and manage Internet-scale infrastructure and applications, bringing new levels of reliability, redundancy and cost-efficiency to the traditional hosting solutions.

“CariNet's clients are a diverse group of technologists who demand 100 percent uptime and the ability to scale any business model to stay competitive,” added John Davidson, CTO, CariNet, Inc. “Using AppLogic, an entire N-tier application or service can be packaged into a logical entity and managed as a single system. This approach also makes it possible to assemble, deploy, monitor, control and troubleshoot applications visually in a browser.”

Cloud Computing as a Redundant Hosting Platform

“As a company that has designed and built several datacenters over the last ten years, it is critical for growth and stability to have the same redundant capabilities on the cloud platform that we have built in the physical side of our facilities,” continues Ortenzi. “We have the ability to diversify the AppLogic platform throughout multiple facilities that are supported by different Core Routing, Power feeds, and backup generators, allowing unmatchable redundancy. No other product except AppLogic in the market today can support the abilities that are needed by CariNet's demands.”

Availability and Pricing

Available immediately, CariNet’s Virtual Private Datacenter packages start at 2-node, four CPU-core systems with 8GB RAM, 1TB Storage and 1Gbps Uplink, Gigabit Switch, 32 IP's, Private VLan, access to the AppLogic Editor and the 3Tera Control Shell. Pricing starts at $1,000 per month for an entry platform.

CariNet, Inc. is a global Internet-solutions provider at the forefront of server technology. Founded in 1997 as a regional ISP, CariNet now maintains corporate offices in two countries and supports a growing customer base spanning more than 100 countries around the world. Currently owning and operating datacenters that they have designed and built over the last 10 years, CariNet actively populates these facilities with their proprietary S-Pod server design.

3Tera, Inc. is the leading innovator of cloud computing technology and utility computing services, simplifying the deployment and scaling of online applications. 3Tera offers AppLogic, the first commercially available cloud computing platform that completely removes the cost and complexity associated with infrastructure. Available both for building in-house private clouds and as a platform for cloud computing services, AppLogic allows IT professionals to develop and deploy online applications in minutes, instead of weeks, using only a browser to manage and scale on demand fully distributed systems and deliver security and business continuity for all applications, while fully controlling their cloud computing environment.

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