Carpathia Hosting Selected by DubMeNow to Provide Managed Cloud Solution

June 29, 2009
June 29, 2009 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Carpathia Hosting (, the leading provider of enterprise managed hosting services for government agencies and businesses, has announced it has been selected by DubMeNow to provide managed hosting services in support of Dub’s mobile business card service.

“We needed a hosting company that could understand our needs and design a solution that met our expectations, but was also positioned to handle the massive growth we anticipate with our unique mobile service,” said Stephen Sklarew, Chief Technology Officer at DubMeNow. “Our existing infrastructure was comprised of a 100% managed environment on dedicated servers with high availability. However, we found that this initial design was actually more than we needed. Not only did we have resources not being used, but it was no longer cost-effective. When we found out about AlwaysOn/InstantOn, we had a discussion with Carpathia about its capabilities, and we were quite impressed.”

Using the AlwaysOn/InstantOn fully-managed enterprise cloud solution, DubMeNow was able to put some of its virtual servers in the computing cloud with high availability instances, while maintaining the high performance needed for other server functions in a dedicated infrastructure. This innovative solution provides a reliable, secure, managed infrastructure, but also leverages the benefits of cloud computing in the form of reduced cost and an overall reduced hosting footprint.

Carpathia Hosting’s unique solution is comprised of two components – Carpathia AlwaysOn™, using Carpathia Managed Hosting services, and Carpathia InstantOn™, utilizing Carpathia Hosting’s cloud computing platform to offer seamless integration of cloud and dedicated resources. Used together, Carpathia Hosting calls this unique approach Carpathia Cloud Orchestration™.

“With our unique enterprise cloud solution, DubMeNow was able to blend dedicated and cloud resources, creating savings from a pure public cloud solution,” said Jon Greaves, CTO at Carpathia Hosting. “A major advantage to the AlwaysOn/InstantOn model is that the components are highly flexible, so we are able to design custom solutions to meet the specific needs of individual organizations like Dub.”

For more information about the AlwaysOn/InstantOn fully-managed enterprise cloud solution and the custom solutions designed for organizations like DubMeNow, visit Additionally, registration is now open for a live webcast scheduled for June 30, 2009 at 11:30am EDT. The webcast, titled “Cloud Computing: Moving Beyond the Hype to Real World Solutions,” will feature Greaves speaking with representatives from DubMeNow, along with other Carpathia Hosting clients, Ventraq and Nuvolus.

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