CI HOST Announces expanded customer service with improved reliability and support for 1999

January 8, 1999
In a continued effort to meet growing client demand, CI Host, a Dallas-based leader in virtual web hosting, has announced the launch of, a branded customer support site aimed at better servicing their current 20,000 customers as well as others venturing online.

The new site,, offers a tracking system to monitor issues as well as the ability to escalate issues to the proper departments. This dedicated site developed for customer service means constant, dedicated attention to customer needs. With CI Host, reliability is key in all facets.

"CI Host is willing to do whatever we must do as a company to ensure prosperity and continued growth for each of our customers," says Christopher Faulkner, president and CEO of CI Host. "We are fully committed to seeing this happen."

Other expanded technology for the new year at CI Host includes an improved 100-line phone system. Day or night, the new system will allow for one hundred simultaneous callers at any moment. By handling a greater call volume with the same reliable service and efficiency, customer service with CI Host stands second to none.

New service commitment for 1999 also includes an expanded staff base with CI Host. The extensive staff of customer service representatives and support engineers has been doubled to further reinforce customer support and company reliability. With the new number of experts on staff, CI Host now boasts true 24 hour, 7 day a week, toll free support- a claim no one else in the industry lives up to. CI Host's continued commitment to the customer, coupled with the most sophisticated and modern equipment available, will continue to provide hassle free service and access with ease throughout 1999 and into the next century.


CI Host is fast becoming a leader in virtual web hosting. The company offers innovative packages and services to the Internet community. The CI Host Network Operations Center is located in a Class A building with diesel generator backup, a temperature-controlled secure environment with full redundant UPS capability. All equipment is fully tested and configured for optimal performance as well as daily web server backups and full fire protection to guard against any data loss. To deliver speed and reliability, CI Host's servers are connected to two DS-3 lines from two diverse Internet backbones to total 90 Megabits of available bandwidth.

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