ClearSpeed Offers 64-bit Linux Support for AMD Opteron

April 23, 2005
April 23, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Web hosting providers looking to beef up their data centers may be interested to know about ClearSpeed Technology, developer of high-performance, low-power, programmable microprocessor solutions, and their latest effort to offer 64-bit Linux support for the dual core AMD Opteron along with Jungo Software Technologies, provider of the WinDriver PCI/USB driver development toolkit.

"We're proud to be partnering with Jungo in fully endorsing 64-bit computing," commented Mike Calise, ClearSpeed president. "Their optimized drivers will enable 64-bit and multi-core systems to take full advantage of ClearSpeed's CSX600 processor in High Performance Computing."
As the industry continues to shift to pervasive, mainstream x86-based 64-bit computing and multi-core environments, ClearSpeed will continue to work closely with AMD to ensure that its co-processors take advantage of all the performance potential AMD64 computing has to offer.

"The AMD Opteron processor made possible native, simultaneous 32- and 64-bit computing on conventional systems, paving the way for new HPC and high-end enterprise applications," said Omry Ben David, sales and marketing manager, software tools division for Jungo Software Technologies. "We're delighted to have collaborated with ClearSpeed to offer a 64-bit version of WinDriver Linux, optimized for the AMD64 platform, a solution that will enable quick development of drivers for products such as the ClearSpeed CSX600."

Those already using high-performance math libraries such as AMD's Core Math Library (ACML) will be ideally positioned to benefit from ClearSpeed's plug-and-play approach to acceleration. ClearSpeed's co-processors offload computationally intensive calculations from the host processor by dynamically intercepting calls to standard libraries such as BLAS and FFTW.

"ClearSpeed's technical innovation brings high velocity acceleration to the AMD64 platform for high-performance computing applications," said Pat Patla, director, server/workstation marketing, Microprocessor Solutions Sector, AMD. "ClearSpeed co-processors are complementary to single and multi-core AMD64 solutions and enable significant acceleration in High Performance Computing applications for workstations and servers powered by the AMD Opteron(TM) processor with Direct Connect Architecture."

The newest ClearSpeed product, the CSX600 will offer 64-bit, IEEE 754 double-precision floating point reaching 50 GFLOPS peak and 25 GFLOPS sustained (DGEMM) running at just five watts. Initial applications are expected to be in life sciences, financial modeling, geophysical computation, and scientific computing, among others.

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