Cloud and Web Services Provider ZNet Announces Launch of RackNap

March 20, 2016
Cloud and Web Services Provider ZNet Announces Launch of RackNap
Cloud and web services provider ZNet has announced the launch of RackNap. ZNet, which has headquarters in Jaipur, India, was established in 2001. The company operates ISO 9001 and ISO 27001-compliant data centers in India, Germany and the United States, and also has offices in India and the United States. ZNet prides itself on developing software and technologies in house and its latest offering, RackNap, is a cloud service delivery and business automation platform.

RackNap is designed for cloud providers, data centers, web hosting companies and telephone companies. However, the solution offers a level of support that makes it applicable to any business that offers “products and services on subscription-based pricing models”. The solution enables infrastructure providers to “deliver cloud services alongside their legacy products” allowing companies to completely automate their business activities and avoid the need of a range of different types of software. RackNap’s also offers a “fully compliant billing module” that allows users to offer services in a range of currencies.

RackNap integrates with a range of solutions to offer an automated product delivery cycle. These include Amazon Web Services, Softlayer, Parallels Cloud Services, Microsoft Azure, Openstack, OnApp, LogicBoxes, Office 365, and Google Apps for Work. RackNap also integrates with more traditional hosting solutions such as WebsitePanel and cPanel, Opencart, Magento, SmarterMail, WordPress and Joomla.

“Currently, cloud service providers have to rely on multiple applications to manage different facets of their business – support, CRM, sales and marketing, inventory and service delivery; which mars the end-to-end automation, “explained RackNap’s CEO and Founder, Munesh Jadoun. ”RackNap, with its diverse modules and functionalities, will serve as a stand-alone, self-sufficient and unified platform for the cloud providers, helping them get rid of the mismanagement and manual processing that stems from dependency across several applications.”

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