Cloud, CDN and Storage Company OnApp Launches OnApp Cloud v3.0

February 21, 2013
Cloud, CDN and Storage Company OnApp Launches OnApp Cloud v3.0
OnApp, a London, UK-based cloud, CDN and storage company with more than 110 staff across the European Union, United States and Asia-Pacific, has launched general availability of the latest version of its cloud platform for service providers.

The new version, OnApp Cloud v3.0, reduces the cost of building cloud services by offering integrated Storage Area Network (SAN), global CDN and VMware cloud support. In addition, the solution gives cloud providers the tools needed to build a global cloud business by selling a broader range of core cloud platform offerings, including private and public cloud, utility cloud, packaged cloud options, autoscaling, load balancing and firewall and DNS provision.

OnApp Cloud v3.0's VMware support distributes users cloud options to a large VMware market. Its CDN capability facilitates functions such as video on demand and live video streaming. Supported by a network of in excess of 140-plus locations, OnApp Cloud v3.0 users benefit from accelerated app, video and content provision. All OnApp Cloud v3.0 functions are managed through a single control panel, and each is integrated with the system's billing and VM provisioning functions. As a user's cloud service grows, OnApp Cloud v3.0 allows full scalability through the addition of more disks and space.

Alongside around 100 enhancements, OnApp Cloud v3.0 features a new control panel with a set of wizards for VM provisioning. It also features Cloud Boot, an option which allows cloud providers to automatically set-up hypervisor servers. The new version is available as a free upgrade to existing customers, while new customers can operate the solution through OnApp’s monthly license option.

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