Cloud Company DigitalOcean Announces General Release Managed Kubernetes Hosting

December 16, 2018
Cloud Company DigitalOcean Announces General Release Managed Kubernetes Hosting
Cloud company DigitalOcean has announced the general release of its managed Kubernetes hosting services. With head offices in New York, United States, DigitalOcean was established in 2011. The company also has offices in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States. It offers “the easiest cloud platform to deploy, manage, and scale applications of any size” and prides itself on “simple services, transparent pricing”, and “an elegant user interface”. Alongside cloud and Kubernetes services DigitalOcean offers virtual hosting, cloud infrastructure and virtual server services. The company’s ‘Kubernetes-as-a-Service’ offering “enables developers of all skill levels to harness the power of Kubernetes to simplify modern app development”.

Google-developed Kubernetes is an Open Source solution that manages containerized applications in clustered environments, allowing users to offer services across diverse infrastructures. DigitalOcean’s service now offers “production-ready functionality and full customer support”. Since its launch in May of this year “30,000 developers and teams have already signed up for access”. The general availability of the service is likely to encourage considerably more to utilize DigitalOcean’s solution. The general release builds on May’s initial release which offered node provisioning, durable storage availability, security, and scalability. The new release also adds additional features based customer requirements.

“Kubernetes promises to be one of the leading technologies in a developer’s arsenal to gain the scalability, portability and availability needed to build modern apps,” explained Shiven Ramji, Vice President of Product at DigitalOcean. “Unfortunately, for many it’s extremely complex to manage and deploy. With DigitalOcean Kubernetes, we make running containerized apps consumable for any developer, regardless of their skills or resources. We do this by automating the management of Kubernetes clusters and the provisioning of nodes to make it faster and easier to run containerized apps. We also infuse guided UI experiences and open APIs to provide the right level of support throughout the developer’s journey.”

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