Cloud Company ReadySpace Announces New Security Focused Cybersecurity Services

May 4, 2016
Cloud Company ReadySpace Announces New Security Focused Cybersecurity Services
Cloud company ReadySpace has announced the launch of a number of new security focused cybersecurity services. ReadySpace, which has headquarters in Singapore, was established in 2003. The company specializes in cloud and managed hosting and its services extend to cloud infrastructure, dedicated server, cloud servers and cloud applications. It has a global presence including facilities in the United States and the Asia Pacific region. ReadySpace’s new services are intended to protect its business customers against cyber attacks and other threats.

ReadySpace will enhance security for selected cloud servers by installing Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) security features. PCI DSS has established technical and operational requirements that companies must meet to protect financial data when they are involved in credit and charge card processing. ReadySpace’s new features will enable its customers to meet PCI DSS data requirements without additional cost. The company will also be offering free Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates for ReadySpace cloud servers.

“Payment card details are one of the most sought after data by hackers,” explained ReadySpace’s Chief Executive Officer Mr. David Loke. “With ReadySpace’s award-winning cloud security, and now with our PCI-ready Cloud Servers, businesses are now assured that their customers’ payment card data will remain secure”. He added, ““To be PCI-ready, organizations typically have to spend time with a consultant to implement the PCI security safeguards for a huge fee. With ReadySpace’s PCI-ready Cloud Servers, they can now do quickly for free”.

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