Cloud DBaaS provider RavenDB Launches Managed Cloud Database Infrastructure Solutions

July 23, 2019
Cloud DBaaS provider RavenDB Launches Managed Cloud Database Infrastructure Solutions
Cloud Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) provider RavenDB has launched new managed cloud database infrastructure solutions. RavenDB is a brand of ‘Hibernating Rhinos’ and “the industry's first fully-transactional, NoSQL ACID database that combines scalability, high-availability and performance”. Established in 2008, RavenDB has headquarters Caesarea, Israel and specializes in a range of areas including ‘N-Hibernate Profiler’, NoSQL, ‘Big Data’, the Internet of Things (IoT), and managed services.

Hibernating Rhinos caters to a broad customer base including Fortune 500 companies. RavenDB offers the “industry’s first non-relational document database that is fully transactional throughout your database”. The new RavenDB Cloud “frees developers from database operations” and allows them to “focus more on developing applications”. The solution frees users from daily tasks that include “maintaining hardware servers, installation, configuration, monitoring internals and security”.

RavenDB offers several tiers of clusters and offers dedicated clusters for “higher end systems”. Being able to operate in a ‘burstable mode’ allows users with medium-sized projects to lower database costs “by up to 20%”. A free tier of RavenDB is available for “hobbyists and small projects”. A 10% introductory promotion is currently available for the solution.

"We are excited to be launching our new RavenDB Cloud service to provide a package that includes everything you need in one box to minimize complexity, maintain high availability and deliver predictability in cost, performance and service," suggested RavenDB’s CEO Oren Eini. "Our objective is to completely remove all the grunt work associated with acquiring, configuring and maintaining a database so that users can focus more on their application and how it works with their data."

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