Cloud Giant Alibaba Cloud Adds Nine Partners to EMEA Ecosystem Partner Program

May 20, 2019
Cloud Giant Alibaba Cloud Adds Nine Partners to EMEA Ecosystem Partner Program
Cloud giant Alibaba Cloud has announced its has added nine new partners to its Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) Ecosystem Partner Program. Also known as Aliyun, Alibaba Cloud was established in 2009 and has offices in Hangzhou, Beijing, China, and Silicon Valley, United States. A division of the the Alibaba Group (which also offers ecommerce websites), the company provides a range of cloud-based services including ‘Big Data’, compute, storage, data storage, relational databases, anti-DDoS protection and Artificial Intelligence (AI) options. It is currently the leading cloud provider in China and has growing prominence internationally. Alibaba Cloud’s overseas activity is driven through headquarters in Singapore. The company’s latest move is set to expand its geographical footprint.

Alibaba Cloud’s EMEA Ecosystem Partner Program was established in 2018 and devised to facilitate digital transformation and enhance collaboration within the EMEA region. New partners to the program include “Cloud Temple, Equinix, EVA Group, Groupe Cyllene, GTI Software and Networking, PROJIXI Europe, SKALE-5, SMILE, and Xebia”. As with existing partners in the region (which include Linkbynet, Ecritel, Micropole, and Intel), these new partners will benefit from Alibaba Cloud’s strong business performance. They will also be able to expand their footprint in China through the company’s ‘China Gateway’ policy.

“We believe in leveraging our partners’ strengths to create a strong ecosystem for technologies and solution offerings,” explained Alibaba Cloud EMEA’s General Manager, Yeming Wang. “By offering our state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure and advanced data intelligence services, together with our partners, we hope to accelerate companies’ digital transformation, and help them succeed globally in markets especially in China.”

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