Cloud Giant Amazon to Help Train Students in Andhra Pradesh, India

October 10, 2016
Cloud Giant Amazon to Help Train Students in Andhra Pradesh, India
Cloud giant Amazon is to help train students in Andhra Pradesh, India. With headquarters in Seattle, Washington, United States, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a leader in the cloud arena. The company will join cloud competitors Microsoft and Google in an effort to give Indian students the edge as far as cloud computing skills are concerned.

The project has been launched in cooperation with the Andhra Pradesh State Skill Development Corporation (APSSDC) and aims to upgrade students’ skills throughout Andhra Pradesh. The effort is a response to the emergence of technologies such as data analytics, cloud computing, big data and cyber security. APSSDC’s Director K. Lakshmi Narayana believes Andhra Pradesh is the right environment to develop youngsters to be proficient in new technologies.

“In fact, all the companies are much satisfied with the students of AP and they prefer us over other States,” Mr. Narayana told The Hindu newspaper. “Only factor that let our students down was lack of opportunities and an ecosystem to exhibit talent,” he said adding that SSDC is focusing on producing quality professionals by adopting up-to-date curriculum and sector-wise skill councils. SSDC is playing the role of a catalyst for the students by enhancing their skills besides providing an ecosystem to reach out to the industry. We are also increasing our focus on tribal areas to tap the local talent.”

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