Cloud Giant AWS Licenses Technology from Streaming Analytics Platform Provider SQLstream

August 16, 2016
Cloud Giant AWS Licenses Technology from Streaming Analytics Platform Provider SQLstream
Cloud giant Amazon Web Services (AWS) has licensed technology owned by streaming analytics platform provider SQLstream. AWS, which has headquarters in Seattle, Washington, United States, will utilize a “subset” of SQLstream’s streaming analytics platform core SQLstream Blaze technology. The technology underpins AWS’ ‘Amazon Kinesis Analytics’ service (which was announced today) and allows Amazon Kinesis Analytics developers to use standard SQL to get “actionable insights from streaming data continuously and in real time”.

SQLstream has also announced the launch of SQLstream Blaze Adapter for Amazon Kinesis Analytics. The solution allows users to “ingest, analyze, and manage” streaming data held on users’ premises and the cloud. The merging of SQLstream Blaze and Amazon Kinesis Analytics into a streaming analytics solution allows users to ingest and transform “any data format – structured or unstructured, live or historical, in motion or at rest” into any other format. It interfaces with a number of sources and destinations that include Amazon Kinesis and Firehose, Hadoop, data warehouses, message buses (including Kafka), files, and a range of devices.

"The store-before-query analytics and conventional ETL models are irrelevant in a world where streaming analytics can empower businesses to take the next right action, continuously and real time,” explained SQLstream’s CEO, Damian Black. “The combination of Amazon Kinesis Analytics and SQLstream Blaze makes it easier than ever for businesses to securely and cost-effectively ingest, analyze, and manage streaming data on and between public cloud, private cloud, and on premises.”

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