Cloud Giant AWS Makes Cloud-based Business Analytics Service Available to Customers

November 19, 2016
Cloud Giant AWS Makes Cloud-based Business Analytics Service Available to Customers
Cloud giant Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) has announced it is making a cloud-based business analytics service available to customers. AWS, which is an company, has global headquarters in Seattle, Washington, United States. The company is the leading provider of cloud services, competing with companies like Google and Microsoft for cloud dominance. The business analytics service, Amazon QuickSight, is now available to all AWS customers and provides business analytics for “one-tenth the cost of traditional BI solutions”.

With Amazon QuickSight company employees can establish visualizations and analyze data regardless of their technical competency. It has been utilized by more than 1,500 of AWS’ customers during its preview phase. It provides seamless connection to both AWS and non-AWS data sources and produces fast query results through SPICE – the ‘Super-fast, Parallel, In-Memory Calculation Engine”. The solution is available at only $9.00 per user, per month.

“Amazon QuickSight makes business analytics much easier, more accessible, cost effective, and faster than ever before,” explained AWS’ Vice President, Database Services, Raju Gulabani. “Because so many companies store data in AWS, it’s very appealing to these customers that Amazon QuickSight can automatically discover their data in AWS, move it to SPICE, and return query results so quickly – all for one-tenth the cost of traditional BI solutions.”

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