Cloud Giant Google Launches Beta Availability of Hybrid Cloud Platform

February 22, 2019
Cloud Giant Google Launches Beta Availability of Hybrid Cloud Platform
Cloud giant Google has launched beta availability of the Cloud Services Platform (CSP) - its hybrid cloud offering. First announced July 2018, the service leverages the ‘Google Kubernetes Engine’ to enable companies to run applications either in enterprise data centers or on a cloud platform that supports containers. It also is a step towards permitting companies to operate Google Cloud’s infrastructure in their own on-premise data centers.

Competing with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, CSP leverages Google’s Kubernetes Engine to attract the large number of companies that do not want a full transition to the cloud and wish to maintain some of their own IT infrastructure. Kubernetes Engine is designed for in-house data center use but allows users to move workloads to Google’s public cloud using CSP’s recently enhanced management features. Using a software-based approach to hybrid solutions means companies can avoid major investments in additional hardware. There is no news as to when CSP will be generally available, but traditionally Google holds products and service in beta for between six and twelve months.

“CSP can make your organization more productive with add-on tools that improve the efficiency of your entire IT team: IT operators benefit from a single unified platform to manage applications and services that span multiple environments,” explained Eyal Manor, Vice President, Google Cloud. “Developers gain a secure foundation on which to build scalable, efficient applications based on containers and microservices. Additionally, security teams get consistent tooling to secure their software supply chain and improve run-time security. With CSP we are partnering with our customers to realize their modernization and hybrid goals”.

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