Cloud Giant Google Launches Google Cloud Scheduler

November 16, 2018
Cloud Giant Google Launches Google Cloud Scheduler
Cloud giant Google has announced the launch of ‘Google Cloud Scheduler’. Still in beta mode, the new service is available on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and represents a fully managed ‘cron job’ service. Cron jobs are designed to schedule a series of server tasks at regular intervals and automates tasks that need to be executed on a regular basis. Google Cloud Scheduler allows users to automate tasks within GCP.

Google Cloud Scheduler can be utilized for a number of situations including scheduling database updates and activating a range of cloud functions. Cron jobs are scheduled using the Cloud Scheduler User Interface (UI) or appropriate APIs. Should a task fail to activate, the service issues an error notification that prompts Google Cloud Scheduler to retry the failed task. Developers can set a fixed number of retries and scheduled jobs can be monitored using the system’s UI. Payment for the service is very flexible, with users only paying for the tasks they schedule.

The fully managed service offers reliable delivery and with an easily accessible interface, there is “no need to learn crontab”. The system is also integrated with ‘Stackdriver Logging’ to provide insights into job execution and performance. Google Cloud Scheduler also offers support for the Unix cron format, a format the bulk of developers are familiar with.

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