Cloud Giant Microsoft Acquires Software Company Express Logic

April 23, 2019
Cloud Giant Microsoft Acquires Software Company Express Logic
Cloud giant Microsoft has acquired software company Express Logic. Express Logic, which has headquarters in San Diego, California, United States, was established in 1996. The company specializes in offering ThreadX - an “operating system’ for a wide range of embedded devices including GPS, MP3 players, mobile phones, and digital cameras. It prides itself of developing “the fastest, smallest, most secure and highest quality solutions” and helping its customers “achieve the same in their products”. With around 6.2 billion deployments of its operating system it is a leader in its field. Microsoft’s acquisition of the company is designed to enhance its Internet of Things (IoT) activity. Financial aspects of the deal were not released.

Microsoft’s acquisition of Express Logic underscores the Redmond, Virginia-based corporation’s focus on IoT and related areas. As the company says on its blog, “IoT sensors are being infused into just about everything, from industrial equipment to consumer devices, and increasingly these devices are connecting to the cloud”. Microsoft's Azure cloud platform has been designed with this trend in mind. The solution allows users to control a range of devices using IoT solutions. Microsoft also offers Artificial Intelligence (AI) options than can be utilized locally by devices and offers a Windows 10 version specifically designed for connected devices.

“With this acquisition, we will unlock access to billions of new connected endpoints, grow the number of devices that can seamlessly connect to Azure and enable new intelligent capabilities,” explained the Director of Azure IoT, Sam George on the company’s blog. “Express Logic’s ThreadX RTOS joins Microsoft’s growing support for IoT devices and is complementary with Azure Sphere, our premier security offering in the microcontroller space. Our goal is to make Express Logic’s ThreadX RTOS available as an option for real time processing requirements on an Azure Sphere device and also enable ThreadX-powered devices to connect to Azure IoT Edge devices when the IoT solution calls for edge computing capabilities”.

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