Cloud Giant Microsoft Adds Azure Availability Zone

December 17, 2018
Cloud Giant Microsoft Adds Azure Availability Zone
Cloud giant Microsoft has added a new Azure availability zone in Southeast Asia. Microsoft has headquarters in Richmond, Washington, United States. The company’s Azure cloud platform is in competition with players like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform. Microsoft Azure offers around 18 types of product including compute, virtual machines and ‘Big Data’ options. The addition of an Azure availability zone in Southeast Asia ensures “high availability in Singapore”.

Availability Zones are “unique physical locations within an Azure region”. Each Availability Zone includes “one or more data center equipped with independent power, cooling and networking”. Microsoft’s latest move is part of “continuous efforts to enhance our cloud offerings” and means Microsoft Azure Availability Zones are now generally available within the region. With three zones in each region, the move protects users from the data center failures that can impact data and applications. It also allows the company to offers 99.99% virtual machine uptime guarantees.

“With Availability Zones complementing our Availability Sets and Region pairs, Microsoft Azure provides the most comprehensive offering for customers to design resilient applications,” explained Microsoft Singapore’s Cloud and Enterprise Lead, Patrik Bihammar. “By building application architecture using a combination of Availability Zones with Azure region pairs, customers can synchronously replicate applications and data using Availability Zones within an Azure region for high-availability within Singapore, and asynchronously replicate across Azure regions for geographic disaster recovery protection”.

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