Cloud Giant Microsoft Joins Cloud Native Computing Foundation

July 29, 2017
Cloud Giant Microsoft Joins Cloud Native Computing Foundation
Cloud giant Microsoft has joined the ‘Cloud Native Computing Foundation’ (CNCF). With headquarters in Redmond, Washington, United States, Microsoft is a leading cloud company whose ‘Azure’ cloud platform offers a range of services from cloud computer and storage to ‘Big Data’ analytics. The platform also features container solutions. Microsoft joins CNCF as a ‘Platinum Member’.

CNCF has headquarters in San Francisco, California, United States and the organization aims to sustain and integrate Open Source technologies. In particular it aims to “orchestrate containers as part of a microservices architecture”. Containers are independent software packages that run on any infrastructure. They have helped change how applications are built and deployed. Microsoft has particular support for the OpenSource Kubernetes containers project and by joining CNCF the company will help to promote enterprise adoption of cloud native technologies.

“Microsoft is committed to helping organizations of all sizes achieve more, and we see cloud native technologies and open development as a way to enable this,” explained Microsoft’s Partner Director, Corey Sanders. “We have contributed across many cloud native projects, including Kubernetes, Helm, containerd, and gRPC, and plan to expand our involvement in the future. Joining the Cloud Native Computing Foundation is another natural step on our open source journey, and we look forward to learning and engaging with the community on a deeper level as a CNCF member.”

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