Cloud Giant Microsoft Makes Up with Customers with One Free Year of Office 365

April 20, 2016
Cloud Giant Microsoft Makes Up with Customers with One Free Year of Office 365
Cloud giant Microsoft is attempting to make up with customers who were impacted by its recent change in free cloud storage availability. Microsoft, which world famous for its communication and collaboration software and its cloud solutions, has headquarters in Richmond, Washington, USA.

The company was criticised when it reduced OneDrive’s free cloud storage capacity from 15 GB to 5 GB last year. The company later reversed the decision, but some customers using more than 5 GB of OneDrive storage at the time of the reduction were impacted by the change. It is these customers Microsoft is targeting with its Office 365 offer.

OneDrive users will be contacted by email to inform them of their eligibility for Microsoft’s offer. Those accepting the offer will receive one year’s free access to Office 365 Personal. “As you know, the amount of storage that comes with most OneDrive accounts is changing from 15 GB to 5 GB,” suggests the email. “You previously confirmed your desire to keep your 15 GB of free storage (and the 15 GB camera roll bonus if you have it). As a result, your account will not be affected by these changes.”

The email goes on: “We also want to extend an offer that we are making available to users who are close to or will be over the new storage limits. You can claim a free one-year subscription to Office 365 Personal. This subscription includes 1 TB of OneDrive storage. We want to apologize for any inconvenience these changes may have caused you.”

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