Cloud Giant Microsoft to Acquire Open Source Database Software Provider Citus Data

January 30, 2019
Cloud Giant Microsoft to Acquire Open Source Database Software Provider Citus Data
Cloud giant Microsoft has announced it is to acquire Open Source database software provider Citus Data. Established in 2011, Citus Data has headquarters in San Francisco, California, United States. With offices in San Francisco and Istanbul, Turkey, the company’s services enable businesses to avoid spending inordinate amounts of time addressing database issues and focus on core competencies. Its Open Source “worry-free” PostgreSQL solution is scalable enterprise software that “can be run on-prem or on any cloud, and as a fully-managed database as a service”. Financial aspects of Microsoft’s acquisition of Citus Data have yet to be released.

The acquisition underscores Microsoft’s commitment to Open Source cloud technologies. As its products are more compatible with the Linux operating system used by public clouds, the strategy allows the corporation to win customers when in competition with cloud players like Google and Amazon Web Services (AWS). The acquisition comes in the wake of its acquisition of code repository GitHub for $7.5 billion last year. Citus Data will operate independently for the foreseeable future.

“Together, Microsoft and Citus Data will further unlock the power of data, enabling customers to scale complex multi-tenant SaaS applications and accelerate the time to insight with real-time analytics over billions of rows, all with the familiar PostgreSQL tools developers know and love,” explained Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President, Azure Data, Rohan Kumar on the company’s blog. “I am incredibly excited to welcome the high-caliber Citus Data team to Microsoft! Working together, we will accelerate the delivery of key, enterprise-ready features from Azure to PostgreSQL and enable critical PostgreSQL workloads to run on Azure with confidence,” he added.

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