Cloud Hosting and Data Center Services Provider CloudOYE Offers Promotion

March 13, 2016
Cloud Hosting and Data Center Services Provider CloudOYE Offers Promotion
Cloud hosting and data center services provider CloudOYE has announced that it is offering a promotion. CloudOYE, which has headquarters in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India, offers a range of cloud offerings including public, private and hybrid clouds. It also offers cloud storage options alongside cloud-based dedicated hosting and VPS hosting. CloudOYE also offers SSL certificates, email hosting and backup and disaster recovery options through its own 25,000 square-foot data center. Its promotion extends to “50% cashback” on its cloud hosting services.

CloudOYE’s services enable companies to operate globally and easily manage mission critical websites and applications. The promotion covers all of the company’s cloud hosting services. Being managed and maintained in the cloud companies can quickly and easily scale resources like bandwidth, hardware, and storage capacity up down to meet changes in their business requirements.

“The future of businesses embracing cloud is brighter and we have put our best step forward to make things simple and efficient for them,” explained Vice President of Sales and Operations Sanjay Tripathi. “This offer will help more and more organizations to come forth and leverage this advanced technology for establishing a better tomorrow.”

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