Cloud Hosting Company VaiSulWeb Moves Cloud Hosting Service from BETA to Production

July 5, 2013
Cloud Hosting Company VaiSulWeb Moves Cloud Hosting Service from BETA to Production
Cloud hosting company VaiSulWeb has moved its cloud hosting service from BETA to the production stage. The move ends an open-BETA program that started at the beginning of 2013.

VaiSulWeb’s Cloud Hosting service is designed to make managing highly-scalable websites easier. The service provides a dedicated infrastructure that is as easy to manage as shared hosting, but offers the scalability of cloud infrastructures. Designed to address the needs of both SMBs and larger enterprises, VaiSulWeb’s Cloud Hosting service is built on Windows Server 2012. It allows users to scale their websites from single to multiple shared servers, providing a similar scalability and performance to dedicated virtual or physical infrastructures. The service allows websites to be reconfigured easily without service interruption or the need to republish a website’s content. The service is integrated with Microsoft Web Application Gallery, which enables users to access open-source applications.

VaiSulWeb will also soon begin a new open-BETA program that will allow users to test features that will be added to the company’s cloud hosting service later in the year. Service Bus – a new messaging channel for connecting your cloud applications to on-premises applications, services and systems – will be one of those services. The company has also announced VSW Cloud Free – a free trial package that allows developers to use ‘80 hours of computing power per month’ to consider the services’ functionalities before committing to a purchase.

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