Cloud Hosting Provider Connectria Announces Launch of TRIA for Microsoft Azure

April 21, 2017
Cloud Hosting Provider Connectria Announces Launch of TRIA for Microsoft Azure
Cloud hosting provider Connectria has announced the launch of TRIA for Microsoft Azure. Connectria, which has headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri, United States, was established in 1996. The award-winning company offers a range of cloud computing and managed hosting solutions that include remote monitoring and cloud security options. It caters for 1,000 customers globally and is famous for a “The Jerk Free Company” policy where staff members go "the extra mile" for customers. TRIA addresses some issues related to managing the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Already one of the leading cloud services, Microsoft Azure is becoming increasingly popular. Its offerings include Windows and Linux virtual machines, SQL Database-as-a-Service, and it also offers storage services and backup. Despite its popularity users do encounter “challenges” - particularly in areas of performance management, data security and cost optimization - which TRIA for Microsoft Azure addresses.

TRIA for Microsoft Azure offers “a comprehensive suite of services that helps organizations get the most out of their Azure environments.” These include NOCTRIA, a 24/7 Azure Performance Monitoring and Support option that ensures an “Azure environment is always up and running at peak performance”. TRIA also includes SOCTRIA which addresses security issues, and OPTRIA, which provides cost optimization services delivered by a “team of experts who monitor usage and costs on a monthly basis” to ensure optimal cost efficiency.

“As a Microsoft Gold Cloud Partner, Connectria has been supporting Microsoft customers for nearly 20 years, including Azure for the last 3 years as it became widely used,” explained the CEO and President of Connectria, Rich Waidmann. “The introduction of TRIA for Microsoft Azure redefines and complements our services, while providing robust security and cost optimization that are required for cloud deployments. Anyone who is contemplating a move to Azure or has moved to Azure should consider TRIA for Microsoft Azure.”

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