Cloud Hosting Provider Linode Launches New GPU-optimized Cloud Computing Instances

July 15, 2019
Cloud Hosting Provider Linode Launches New GPU-optimized Cloud Computing Instances
Cloud hosting provider Linode has launched new GPU-optimized cloud computing Instances. Linode, which has head offices in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States, was founded in 2003. The company specializes in cloud hosting, web hosting, virtual servers, and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) options. It services leverage high-performance Linux-based Solid States Disk (SSD) servers that are substantially faster than the ‘spinning disk’ options more traditionally used in web hosting. Linode caters to a global customer base through ten data centers located in the United States, Europe and Asia. The company suggests its latest move helps bring “commercial grade GPUs to the masses”.

A ‘Graphics Processing Unit’, or GPU, is a programmable processor that is located on a server and dedicated to displaying visuals. GPUs help images, videos and animations appear on a computer screen. Linode is “one of the first cloud providers to deploy NVIDIA's latest GPU architecture” and its latest cloud options leverage NVIDIA Quadro RTX 6000 GPU cards “with all three major types of processing cores (CUDA, Tensor, and Real-Time Ray Tracing) available to users”. These new GPU instances offer benefits to a range of users including “scientists, artists, and engineers working on artificial intelligence, graphic visualization, and complex modeling”. The availability of Linode GPUs is currently limited, but the solution is available with “predictable pricing” that starts at $1,000 per month.

"Sixteen years ago we were one of the early innovators in cloud computing,” explained Linode’s Research and Development Engineer Alejandro Peña. “Today, we are doing it again. Linode's GPU instances deliver a new level of accelerated computing power coupled with the simplicity, affordability and award-winning support that has become a hallmark of Linode's position in the industry."

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