Cloud Infrastructure Startup Verilume Acquired by Content Collaboration Company Intralinks

March 25, 2016
Cloud Infrastructure Startup Verilume Acquired by Content Collaboration Company Intralinks
Cloud infrastructure startup Verilume has been acquired by content collaboration company Intralinks Holdings, Inc. (Intralinks). Verilume, which has headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts, United States, provides services that help companies to “quickly and easily deploy OpenStack-powered clouds and Hadoop data analytics environments”. Intralinks’ purchase of the company underscores its strategy to enable customers to meet data governance and security requirements while utilizing content collaboration solutions “within and across private, hybrid or public distributed cloud systems”. Financial aspects of the deal have not been released.

Intralinks, which has headquarters in New York City, New York, United States, provides cloud-based collaboration solutions that “control the sharing, distribution and management of high value content within and across organizations.” The company has been valued at around $28 trillion and caters to 90,000 customers including “99% of the Fortune 1000 companies”. Verilume’s employees will be absorbed by Intralinks.

"The combination of Intralinks and Verilume provides enterprises with capabilities to retain complete data sovereignty when sharing with external parties," explained Mike Feinberg, the founder of Verilume. "The Verilume team is a natural fit for the Intralinks family, having experience creating large-scale, commercial cloud infrastructure products and services. Together, we will give enterprise CSOs, CTOs and data privacy officers the flexible platform they need to confidently and compliantly share their most valuable information outside of an organization, between businesses and across borders.”

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