Cloud Security Provider Valtix Expands Multi-cloud Network Security Platform

August 28, 2019
Cloud Security Provider Valtix Expands Multi-cloud Network Security Platform
Cloud security provider Valtix, Inc. (Valtix) has expanded its multi-cloud network security platform. Valtix, which has headquarters in Santa Clara, California, United States, was established in 2018. A “venture-backed, stealth startup redefining network security in the enterprise cloud”, the company prides itself on building the industry’s “first cloud-native network security platform”. The expansion will mean Valtix supports AWS Transit Gateway and this will enable its customers to “secure internetworked VPCs”.

News of the expansion was announced at VMworld 2019. The joint AWS and Valtix solution supports the AWS Transit Gateway and ensures “instant deployment of network security at more than 50Gbps throughput at less than 8ms of latency with all network services enabled”. Valtix will also support different cloud use cases to “interconnect thousands of Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) and VMware Cloud on AWS.

"We are excited to drive innovation and partnership driven from Cloud Native solutions," explained Brian Lazear, the Chief Product Officer at Valtix. "Our customers are gaining the best of all Clouds through Valtix's security platform using AWS Transit Gateway for their network security to include VMware-based workloads in the Public Cloud. With today's announcement, we're giving our customers an extended cloud solution to support their business-critical application needs, with the visibility, security, and scale they require."

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