Cloud Services Provider Digisoft Technology Enhances Cloud Management Solutions

January 1, 2016
Cloud Services Provider Digisoft Technology Enhances Cloud Management Solutions
Cloud services provider Digisoft Technology (Digisoft) has enhanced its cloud management solutions. Digisoft, whose head offices are in Ireland, but who has a global network of sales offices, also has a presence in Austin, Dallas and Houston, Texas and Oklahoma, United States. The enhancements to its cloud management solutions were made to enable the company to “deliver to the customized needs of clients”.

The company, which was established in 2005, bills itself as a “top cloud hosting provider” and offers a range of services which include managed migration and implementation services alongside private clouds and cloud-based VOIP. Digisoft’s partners include VMware, Microsoft, and Kaspersky and the company prides itself on being equipped with “cutting-edge technologies and operating in state-of-the-art infrastructure”.

An increasing number of small and medium-sized businesses companies are adopting cloud-based systems, attracted by the cloud’s promise that they only pay for the cloud resources they use as well as a reduction in their own data center costs. Digisoft has broadened the scope of cloud management by “integrating a number of essential add-ons” to its “existing utilities” that will “widen its scope of reaching to more numbers of users”.

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