Cloud Services Provider ServInt Announces New Hosting Options

June 23, 2016
Cloud Services Provider ServInt Announces New Hosting Options
Cloud services provider ServInt has announced the launch of new hosting options that are “personalized” - meaning they cater precisely for an individual company’s business requirements. ServInt, which has headquarters in Reston, Virginia, United States, was established in 1995. The company’s range of services extends to cloud computing (public, private, and hybrid) solutions, managed services and more standard web hosting options. Its latest options provide “enhanced support and customer care capabilities”.

ServInt’s “Personalized Hosting Solutions at Your Service” initiative targets businesses of a range of sizes and was driven by its recent expansion of offerings and managed service packages that leverage solutions like Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS). The initiative aims to enhance its customers’ business growth through enhanced security and performance by offering companies customized solutions at cost-effective prices.

“Our deep and long-standing commitment to our customers and the industry drives us to continually enhance and extend our offerings in terms of hosting solutions, customer support and value-added services,” explained Bill Goss, ServInt’s Chief Operations Officer (COO). “We’ve been pushing hard to deliver the optimal mix and selection of capabilities to meet the diverse business and budget needs of our clients, while also keeping pace with a rapidly evolving marketplace.”

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