Cloud Services Provider VMware to Acquire Multi-cloud Application Services Provider Avi Networks

June 15, 2019
Cloud Services Provider VMware to Acquire Multi-cloud Application Services Provider Avi Networks
Cloud services provider VMware has announced its intention to acquire multi-cloud application services provider Avi Networks. VMware, which has headquarters in Palo Alto, California, United States, was established in 1998. The company offers “compute, cloud, mobility, networking and security offerings” that enable its customers (including government agencies) to power the applications that support their operations. It has a global presence with more than 24,000 employees around the world. VMware’s acquisition of Avi Networks will allow the company “to bring the public cloud experience to the entire data center” by offering customers one-click access to an automated, scalable, and secure public cloud experience. Financial aspects of the deal have not been released.

Avi Networks, which has headquarters in Santa Clara, California, United States, was established in 2012. The company specializes in a number of areas including software-defined application services. Its services extend to load balancing, application analytics, and data center and cloud security options and provide a “public-cloud-like simplicity and flexibility for application services”. The ‘Avi Networks Platform’ provides software-based ADC and ‘actionable insights with auto scaling’. Avi Networks caters to a broad customer base that includes Fortune 100 companies. Avi Networks’ capabilities will enhance VMware’s suite of networking and security services. Together the two companies will be able to offer a unique software-defined networking stack designed for multi-clouds. Likewise the acquisition will give VMware the capability to offer built-in load balancing capabilities through its ‘VMware NSX Data Center’ offering.

“VMware is committed to making the data center operate as simply and easily as it does in the public cloud, and the addition of Avi Networks to the growing VMware networking and security portfolio will bring us one step closer to this goal after the acquisition closes,” suggested the Senior Vice President and General Manager of VMware’s Networking and Security Business Unit, Tom Gillis. “This acquisition will further advance our Virtual Cloud Network vision, where a software-defined distributed network architecture spans all infrastructure and ties all the pieces together with the automation and programmability found in the public cloud. Combining Avi Networks with VMware NSX will further enable organizations to respond to new opportunities and threats, create new business models, and deliver services to all applications and data, wherever they are located.”

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