Cloud Solutions Company LayerStack Launches US Data Center

January 7, 2019
Cloud Solutions Company LayerStack Launches US Data Center
Cloud solutions company LayerStack has announced the launch of a new data center in the United States. With global headquarters in Hong Kong, LayerStack’s services are built on an enterprise-grade ‘Openstack Architecture’ which offers a range of cloud deployment options and provides an ideal platform for testing and developing cloud products. The company’s new US-based data center joins its network of facilities in Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan. The company was in the news late last year for upgrading its cloud server hosting and network equipment at its Tier3+ Equinix facility in Singapore (SG1).

Known as LA-01, LayerStack’s new facility is located in Los Angeles, California, United States. Its first in the country, the data center provides LayerStack with a significantly enhanced global footprint and underscores the company’s commitment to the provision of quality global cloud services. Los Angeles represents a major cloud services market in its own right and promises substantial future growth. The center will feature the company’s latest servers and network architecture.

LayerStack’s move to a direct presence in the US market will meet increasing demand for its “secure and scalable cloud computing services” in the region. It will also ensure that US companies have the local infrastructure they need to benefit from LayerStack technologies for workloads such as Big Data analytics, software development, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

“The opening of the new data center is in accordance with LayerStack’s global expansion plans,” explained the company’s website. “LayerStack has reinvesting its profits to provide the highest performing cloud infrastructure available from 5 zones across 4 geographic regions globally. Along with the new region, LayerStack has also worked to build a CN2 GIA connection to China by improving its network resiliency, capacity and reducing the latency, which facilitates the customers’ e-commerce business between China and the US.”

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