Cloud Startup Cedexis Receives $22 Million Investment

January 30, 2016
Cloud Startup Cedexis Receives $22 Million Investment
Cloud startup Cedexis has received a $22 million investment. Cedexis, whose headquarters are in Portland, Oregon, United States (alongside an office in Paris, France), offers a range of services that are designed to track the performance of the Internet globally. The company’s solutions monitor for issues like data congestion and network outages to determine the best route for data to take. The result is a faster internet with less disruption, ideal for video and other high density media. Cedexis’ customers can route traffic to and from their data centers and determine where to store online data.

Established in 2009, Cedexis caters to around 1,000 customers that include high-profile organizations like LinkedIn, Mozilla and Comcast. The company’s latest round of investment will be used to enable Cedexis to market its services around the world (especially in Asia and Europe). The company will also add software engineers to the staff at its Portland headquarters where the company has significantly increased its office space. Cedexis has raised $33 million to date from companies like Ginko Ventures in Switzerland, Foxconn, and Citrix and Nokia’s investment arms.

“The web is now at the core of value delivery in almost every industry, making web performance mission critical for most enterprises,” explained Scott Grout, Cedexis’ Chief Executive Officer on the company’s blog. “Cedexis dramatically increases an enterprise’s ability to improve their users’ Quality of Experience (QoE) over shared ‘best effort’ networks and clouds. We have a very unique approach of crowd-sourcing billions of daily end-user measurements from a shared community of hundreds of participating global enterprises. This data set yields unprecedented real-time visibility into global web performance which we then use to optimally route users across multiple networks (CDNs), clouds or data centers dramatically improving their experiences. This increases consumer engagement and measurably improves business results for the enterprise.”

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