Cloud Storage Provider Box Partners with Amazon and IBM on Local Storage

April 13, 2016
Cloud Storage Provider Box Partners with Amazon and IBM on Local Storage
Cloud storage provider Box has partnered with Amazon and IBM to provide local storage options on a global basis. Box, which has headquarters in Redwood City, California, United States, was established in 2005. The company specializes in providing cloud-based file sharing and collaboration solutions. Its partnership with Amazon and IBM will enable the company to target its file storage and sharing service at global companies that operate in regulated industries.

The partnership will allow Box to offer a new service called ‘Box Zones’ - a service that addresses government regulations (such as data sovereignty laws) and industry requirements that mean in certain countries a company’s data must be physically stored in the country it is doing business in. Such stipulations make it difficult for businesses in such countries to benefit from online data storage services. Box will initially offer local services in Germany, Ireland, Japan and Singapore.

“Box Zones will allow our existing customers to implement Box across more parts of their organizations and standardize all of their most valuable content on our platform,” explained Box’s CEO Aaron Levie on the companies blog. “And it will allow many non-US businesses to adopt Box for the first time and transform the way they work while alleviating some common data residency concerns.” The blog went on to suggest, “Our vision at Box is to enable any business, of any size, anywhere in the world to be as productive and collaborative as possible. One by one, we've been removing the barriers to cloud adoption and unlocking the benefits of working in the cloud.”

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