Cloud Web Hosting Company AdroitSSD Announces Launch of Fully Scalable Cloud SSD Hosting with cPanel

Cloud Web Hosting Company AdroitSSD Announces Launch of Fully Scalable Cloud SSD Hosting with cPanel
Cloud web hosting company AdroitSSD LLC (AdroitSSD) has announced the launch of fully scalable cloud SSD hosting with the popular cPanel hosting account control panel. AdroitSSD, which has headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware, United States, caters to small to medium-sized businesses with a range of services that leverage its proprietary ‘Incredible Cloud cPanel Hosting Platform’. The company recently announced a “golden opportunity” its customers to “claim a 75% discount on their hosting services”.

The Linux-based cPanel control panel is one of the most widely recognized panels in web hosting and its interface is familiar to millions of web hosting users. It offers a simple to use GUI that allows users to set up every aspect of their web hosting accounts, from creating emails and sub-domains to establishing cron jobs for regular tasks. It offers a number of levels of access including administrators and resellers. Coupling the cloud and cPanel offers enormous benefits to AdroitSSD’s customers. In addition, Solid State Disk (or SSD) technology offers benefits beyond the traditional 'spinning disk' hard disks more commonly used by web hosts - having no moving parts SSD is much faster and more effective.

“The incredibly fast page load speeds that you will experience with our Cloud SSD hosting service will ensure that users of your website will read all your content, explore your site, stop long enough to read your advertisements, understand your message, and make a purchase,” explained Dan Anton, AdroitSSD’s Marketing Manager. “The speed of page loads on your site also decently impacts on your ranking with Google and other search engines. Part of the algorithm that Google uses to decide where your website will appear in their search engine results page (SERP) is based upon the speed at which your website pages load. So, the faster your hosting service is; the higher up on Google's SERP your site will appear.”

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