CollabraSpace Inhabits Unique Niche in Hosted Solutions Market

April 5, 2005
April 5, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - CollabraSpace, a leading provider of web-based collaboration solutions for government organizations and private enterprise, today announced the availability of CollabraSuite(TM) Version 3.5, an accelerated release of enhancements to the company's collaboration software. The release of the software highlights the depth of different directions a traditional web hosting company can take to differentiate itself in such a highly saturated market. Currently, there is a lot of aggregation taking place in the market with smaller companies that are indistinguishable in terms of services from their bigger rivals are getting bought out for their customer base.

CollabraSpace is different enough from a traditional web hosting model that they don’t need to worry about a hostile takeover from a large web host because they provide unique services. The more common trend seems to be web hosts branching out into VoIP and cell phones but CollabraSpace has a truly unique niche.

With version 3.5 of their software they allow enhanced support for user preferences, including choosing among several supported skins and a bolstered search option that employs CollabraSuite's User Information Component to search for users online.

New in this release are additional instant messaging capabilities, including sidebar sessions that can be initiated by one or more users.
Sidebar sessions take place outside the context of a room, and users from multiple locations may participate. Sidebar sessions can be named and later retrieved in the same manner as room sessions.

CollabraSpace tools and technologies are designed to accommodate custom collaboration solutions. Each tool can be configured as a separate component and combined in a way that makes sense for individual organizations.

Collectively, the components are known as CollabraSuite, a set of graphical building blocks that can be used in a web-based portal or to create a Java application.

In addition to the enhanced features included in Version 3.5, individual components of CollabraSuite include: presence awareness; audio/video capabilities; document sharing, retrieval and storage; instant messaging; navigation; paging; online user display; whiteboarding; and a lightweight HTML-style note editor. Also included in Version 3.5 is an enhanced document search capability that allows a user to search for documents using either the document name or description.

Ray Schwemmer, CollabraSpace president and CEO, commented, "The opportunities and need for effective collaboration solutions continue to grow in both the government and enterprise markets. By constantly listening to our customers and upgrading our products with the features they find most useful to solving their workplace collaboration challenges, we're confident that CollabraSpace will continue to demonstrate its product leadership in both these arenas."

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