Colocation and Data Center Services Company Cologix Acquires Data Center Provider COLO-D

December 23, 2018
Colocation and Data Center Services Company Cologix Acquires Data Center Provider COLO-D
Colocation and data center services company Cologix Inc. (Cologix) has acquired data center provider COLO-D. Cologix has headquarters in Denver, Colorado, United States. Established in 2010, it manages a network of data centers across North America. The company caters to a broad customer base including network, managed services, cloud, media, content, financial services and enterprise customers. It was in HostSearch News earlier this year for Ms. Lisa Guillaume joining the company as Chief Marketing Officer. Cologix’s acquisition of COLO-D “integrates COLO-D’s best-in-breed Hyperscale Edge campus in Montreal with Cologix’s leading interconnection ecosystem and data center platform”.

COLO-D is the “largest data center solution provider in Canada”. It provides three “hyperconnected and strategically located” data centers in Canada that are powered by low-cost clean energy. Two facilities COLO-D1 and COLO-D2 are less than 80 kilometers apart and offer latency of “less than 1.5 ms”. Cologix’s acquisition of COLO-D “adds 50MW of Hyperscale data center capacity” to its footprint which includes seven data centers in the Montreal region. The acquisition also underscores Cologix’s position as the leader in Montreal’s data center arena and the region’s “only data center provider to offer Hyperscale ready-for-service capacity combined with unparalleled interconnection solutions”.

“The COLO-D acquisition is representative of our investment and commitment to offering tethered hyperscale data centers in order to meet and exceed the needs of the rapidly growing hyperscale edge and cloud connectivity markets,” explained Cologix’s Chairman and CEO, Bill Fathers. “COLO-D and Cologix combine the necessary physical infrastructure with the cloud and network onramps to a robust connectivity ecosystem that hyperscalers require.”

“Montréal represents a fast growing and increasingly strategic market that has already attracted the biggest cloud platforms in the world, with an abundance of very low cost power derived from renewable energy sources,” added COLO-D’s President and CEO, Patrick David. “Cologix has continually demonstrated an unmatched commitment to the needs of the region in terms of data center capacity, resources and infrastructure, and we’re pleased to now be part of their team. The combination with Cologix will further strengthen COLO-D’s market position and allows us to accelerate our growth in this market and beyond.”

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