Colocation and Interconnection Services Company Cologix Achieves Tier III Certification for Data Center

March 29, 2018
Colocation and Interconnection Services Company Cologix Achieves Tier III Certification for Data Center
Colocation and interconnection services company Cologix Inc. (Cologix) has achieved Tier III certification for one of its data centers. Cologix has headquarters in Denver, Colorado, United States. Established in 2010, the company’s products and services include managed services, cloud, content and critical infrastructure offerings. With 24 interconnection locations across North America, the company prides itself on “reliable, secure, scalable data center and interconnection solutions”. Its network of data centers includes US-based facilities in Columbus, Dallas, Jacksonville, Lakeland, Minneapolis, and New Jersey, and Canada-based facilities in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. It is the Cologix’s recently completed COL3 data center in Columbus, Ohio, United States that has gained Tier III certification. The certification was provided by the Uptime Institute.

Tier III certification is vendor-neutral and requires a third-party audit. It covers a data center’s system and operational sustainability. To achieve Tier III a data center cannot shutdown for equipment replacement or maintenance and must meet strenuous quality criteria. The Uptime Institute was established in 1993 and has headquarters in New York, United States. It is “an unbiased advisory organization focused on improving the performance, efficiency, and reliability of business-critical infrastructure through innovation, collaboration, and independent certifications”. The institute considers the network, electrical, mechanical and structural aspects of a center before awarding certification.

"Customers trust us with their business-critical infrastructure and we are committed to delivering a connected, stable, secure and scalable data center environment for them," explained Cologix’s CEO, Grant van Rooyen. "Part of that process includes designing data centers that pass the Uptime Institute's rigorous criteria for concurrent Maintainability and we are exceptionally proud of our Operations and Construction teams who worked tirelessly to ensure COL3 was certified in order to ensure our Customers have access to the most sophisticated, protected and connected data center in Columbus."

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