Colocation Company Cologix Extends Standard Connections Product

January 16, 2013
Colocation Company Cologix Extends Standard Connections Product
Cologix, a network neutral interconnection and colocation company headquartered in Denver, Colorado, has extended availability of its new "Standard Connections" product into its carrier hotel data centers in Dallas, Minneapolis, Montreal and Vancouver. The solution, which was formerly only available in Toronto, enables Cologix's customers to colocate a single Ethernet switch or router via its controlled environment. The company already has over 100 customers taking advantage its product.

Those who maintain their own data center facilities may find switching costs excessive without a choice of networks. Standard Connections offers its customers access to Cologix’s interconnection community and enables them to expand their network’s geographic reach. Deploying switches within the Standard Connections environment provides access to network providers without replicating or migrating existing infrastructure. Establishing Standard Connections beyond Toronto provides low capital cost and cost-effective access to additional entry points to Cologix’s interconnection ecosystem.

Cologix currently serves over 550 carrier, financial services, managed services, media, cloud, content, and enterprise customers with more than 300 network choices and eleven prime interconnection locations.

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