Colocation Provider Colocation America Donates A Dedicated Server To

July 28, 2011 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Colocation America, a leading West Coast data center operator, has recently donated a dedicated server to for their SimplyMEPIS ftp site. The decision to offer the dedicated server to Mepis was based upon Colocation America’s commitment to promoting Linux operating systems and open source platforms.

SimplyMepis is a user-friendly operating system and software application based on Debian Linux that is assembled with great attention to design details in order to provide users with an enjoyable, safe, and secure desktop computing experience. expects that the ftp service will enable them to better support the users of MEPIS Linux.

Warren Woodford, the lead developer of SimplyMEPIS, said: “We are using the server donated by Colocation America as the master ftp server for distributing the SimplyMEPIS and AntiX-MEPIS release ISO files and the SimplyMEPIS software package pool. We appreciate Colocation America generously offering us the use of one of their dedicated servers.”

About MEPIS Linux

The MEPIS Linux project was begun in 2002. SimplyMEPIS is a mature and ready to use desktop operating system for computers that have Intel or AMD 32 or 64 bit processors. It is easy to try, east to install, and easy to use. The primary MEPIS Linux development site is at The MEPIS user community provides support for MEPIS Linux at

About Colocation America

Established in 2000, Colocation America has grown to become one of the most reliable data center providers in the United States and is the premier Los Angeles data center provider. Based in Los Angeles, California, the company was built from the ground up by professional engineers with a vision of delivering a fully integrated, trusted colocation server hosting service. With numerous data center locations in major U.S. cities, including 60 Hudson in New York and One Wilshire in Los Angeles, Colocation America has direct access to over 240 bandwidth providers around the world and can scale Internet connectivity to meet client needs.

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