Comodo Introduces User Controlled Fax Broadcasting

July 8, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Comodo Inc., the world's second largest High Assurance Certification Authority, today added Fax Broadcasting services to their expanding portfolio of internet communication tools. The web based service removes many of the complications associated with regular fax broadcasting, enabling users to take far greater control of the actual broadcast process.

Aimed at businesses and individuals who need to send messages to large distributed audiences, the service dispenses with the need for specialist fax servers, custom software, extra phone lines or the need to outsource to a third party. Users simply log into the service, upload their fax lists and send the documents themselves. Furthermore, broadcastees gain instant visibility to the projected cost of the job before committing to send. There are no set up or monthly fees with users being charged only for the messages that are successfully received. Comodo also make no differential between the size of pages sent, charging one flat fee for both standard and legal formats.
Melih Abdulhayoglu, President and CEO Comodo Inc, commented that fax broadcasting represents another example of how Comodo open up niche markets with services for the average user.

“Comodo Fax Broadcasting echoes the mantra of all our products, taking enterprise class facilities out of the realm of the techno savvy and into the hands of the end user. Building on our experience with TrustFax, we listened to the needs of our customers and carefully engineered a fax broadcast system that delivers transparency to the novice user, power to a corporation and cost effectiveness to all.”

“It is another example of how Comodo specialize in increasing value to the end user by reducing unnecessary complexity, heightening accessibility and focusing on the key needs of the customer. In doing so, we hope to convert the legions of users out there that have previously discounted Fax Broadcasting as being too expensive, time consuming and complex.”

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