Comodo Launches Free Firewall Pro (V 3.0)

November 30, 2007
November 30, 2007 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Certification authority Comodo ( has announced the release of Comodo Firewall Pro Version 3.0. Comodo Firewall Pro protects millions of computers worldwide and this new release advances computer security from being a defensive, reactive system to a preventative and proactive solution based on a new A-VSMART™ technology architecture. A-VSMART is short for "Anti; Virus, Spyware, Malware, Rootkit and Trojan" and represents a breakthrough in PC security architecture. While still free, Comodo's next generation firewall helps customers more effectively prevent virtually all types of threats from penetrating a computer and incorporates the latest security prevention technologies available. Despite the sophisticated level of prevention, the software remains easy for the home user to install and use "out of the box".

Comodo Firewall Pro (V3.0) does a better job of protecting computers from malware than conventional solutions because it operates from a prevention rather than a detection perspective, and incorporates a sophisticated, layered threat management approach. Unlike detection/ signature-based firewalls and anti-virus solutions that allow all applications to gain access to system resources and then try to detect previously identified viruses by their signature, Comodo Firewall Pro takes the opposite approach. Comodo A-VSMART architecture allows only those applications known to be safe to gain access to computer resources, greatly reducing the probability of damage occurring.

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