Comodo Launches Server Provisioning App NOC Monkey

August 3, 2005
August 3, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Comodo, through their Web Hosting and server automation division PSOFT, announced the remote server provisioning application, NOC Monkey. The software automates the usually labor intensive task of server provisioning by providing a simple web based interface from which operating systems can be remotely installed, recovered and deployed.

Featuring admin and user level access, the system also enables administrators to change root passwords, run fsck in single user mode, recover hacked servers and custom partition hard disks from the same interface. Furthermore, using a new ‘grab/install’ system, the software adapts to various OS/hardware configurations by auto detecting new servers.

Comodo see hugely enhanced provisioning speeds for datacenter administrators and web-hosting companies alike. Within a few clicks, servers can be remotely recovered, operating systems installed and root passwords changed – exercises that usually require a physical presence and take time, effort and therefore money to accomplish.

One immediate benefit of this is improved customer response time. The ability to store multiple server profiles and OS configuration images enables web hosts to quickly respond to customer’s requirements. Such ‘deployment on the fly' represents a massive shortcut compared to installing and configuring a system from scratch.

Cost and time savings generated by basing a datacenter or hosting provisioning around NOC Monkey controlled servers could be passed onto customers to generate a competitive advantage in a decidedly tight business.

Igor Seletskiy, Technical Director, believes NOC Monkey represents a ‘quantum leap forward’ in datacenter administration.

‘Apart from automating serving provisioning, NOC Monkey extends the value proposition that web hosting companies can offer their customers. By enabling the creation of custom partitions web hosts can easily modify server partitions upon request – a service not traditionally offered by web hosts due to it’s time consuming nature’

The utility also represents large cost savings over alternative solutions such as remote console or ghosting software.

‘We have developed the ‘Server Vending machine’ – hosts can literally press a button to deploy their flavor of server to answer the demands of the customer. There is now a low cost means for datacenter operators to slash overheads, increase efficiency and provisioning speeds whilst extending functionality and adding to their customer value proposition.”

NOC Monkey is available for trial with 5 free server licenses from

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