Comodo Points to High Assurance SSL as Fix for Phishing

March 1, 2005
March 1, 2005 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Certification authority (CA) Comodo Inc., used the IDN browser security issue to point out the need for greater net security today and to introduce their SSL differentiation software.

"The speed at which browser vendors have offered workable solutions to the IDN (Internationalized Domain Names) issue really confirms the need for identity assurance," says Steve Roylance, Vice President of Global Technical Marketing for Comodo.

"Presenting a trusted identity to consumers is of vital importance to all e-commerce enterprises, both large and small, and Opera's high assurance solution helps people feel safer on the Web by providing them with identity information from Web sites' SSL certificates alongside the URL. What low-assurance providers actually issue is no better than self signed 'encryption only' certificates. The future success of the Internet is dependant on bringing back the trust and assurance consumers have recently lost due to the epidemic increase in phishing attacks."

Consumers using Internet Explorer can differentiate between high SSL providers and low SSL providers by installing Comodo's VEngine upgrade. As part of a portfolio of patent pending Anti-Phishing solutions and services, customers can protect themselves against the risks involved with identity theft.

Enterprises wishing to upgrade to a high-assurance SSL certificate can do so through, Comodo's Web store, and one of the most well regarded brands in the SSL marketplace for service and support.

Whereas low assurance, "domain-only", certificates simply yield confirmation of the URL, high assurance certificates reveal the identity of the organization operating the site. The differentiation provides Internet users with the information they need to evaluate a site's authenticity and avoid being scammed.

"One of the most important measures to counter phishing attacks is the use of security certificates," said Christen Krogh, Opera's Vice President of Engineering, in connection with Opera's latest Beta release. "The challenge for browser vendors is to better explain the verification of certificates and to make the user more aware of this additional verification before entering into secure transactions."

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