Comodo's SecureEmail Offers Email Protection from Interception, Tampering

September 15, 2008
September 15, 2008 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Comodo (, a leading Certification Authority and Internet security company, has announced the availability of version 1.1 of SecureEmail.

People send highly-sensitive documents and messages via email, not realizing that unsecured email can be opened, and even altered.

"The information passes through many computers and servers on its way to the intended recipient. Users rightly trust many of these computers, but it only takes one to compromise your critical information. This leads to identity theft and stolen financial information. If you wouldn't write that information on a postcard, you shouldn't put it in an unsecured email," said Abdulhayoglu.

In effect, using an email certificate in conjunction with Comodo SecureEmail is like writing the message in code in indelible ink and slipping the postcard into an envelope.

This free software allows private Internet users to use the same PKI-based technologies to encrypt and digitally sign emails that businesses and the governments use. Comodo's SecureEmail is an Install-and-Forget program that encrypts the email, allowing only the email's recipient to read the email, either through their email program or through Comodo's online Web Reader Service. The service is compatible with Microsoft Outlook 2000 and above, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Incredimail, Mozilla Internet Mail, Thunderbird, and other S/MIME-capable email systems.

Email is one of the most vulnerable systems to attack. Comodo is offering SecureEmail for free to help accelerate market adoption of the practice of signing and encrypting email communications to protect users from the inherent vulnerability of sending email over the Internet.

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