Computer Networking Company F5 Networks to Acquire Application Platform Provider NGINX

March 14, 2019
Computer Networking Company F5 Networks to Acquire Application Platform Provider NGINX
Computer Networking Company F5 Networks is to acquire Open Source application platform provider NGINX, Inc. (NGINX). F5 Networks has headquarters in Seattle, Washington, United States, alongside a presence in the UK, Singapore, Australia and Israel. Established in 1996, the company deals with “48 of the Fortune 50 companies” offering services that deliver the apps companies need to focus on their businesses, and making them available “at any time, on any device, from any location”. Its offerings extend to areas like web acceleration, security, SSL VPN, cybersecurity, and DDoS protection services. Its acquisition of NGINX reportedly cost in the region of $670 million.

NGINX is an Open Source project that offers a suite of technologies designed for the development and delivery of modern applications. The company has headquarters in San Francisco, California, United States, and a presence in Ireland and Singapore. The ‘NGINX Application Platform’ allows companies to enhance their digital transformations by modernizing legacy applications and developing microservices‑based applications. Its customers include companies like Netflix, Starbucks, and McDonalds. In acquiring NGINX, F5 will leverage the current move toward multi-cloud deployments. NGINX's offerings will be integrated with F5’s cloud-based solutions and enhance its ability to deliver services for containerized applications.

“NGINX and F5 share the same mission and vision. We both believe applications are at the heart of driving digital transformation,” explained NGINX, Inc’s CEO Gus Robertson. “And we both believe that an end-to-end application infrastructure—one that spans from code to customer—is needed to deliver apps across a multi-cloud environment. I’m excited to continue this journey by adding the power of NGINX’s open source innovation to F5’s ADC leadership and enterprise reach. F5 gains depth with solutions designed for DevOps, while NGINX gains breadth with access to tens of thousands of customers and partners.”

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