Connectivity and Internet Infrastructure Provider M24Seven Forms Partnership with Email Verification Service ZeroBounce

January 16, 2018
Connectivity and Internet Infrastructure Provider M24Seven Forms Partnership with Email Verification Service ZeroBounce
Connectivity and internet infrastructure provider M24Seven has formed a partnership with email verification service ZeroBounce. M24Seven, which has a presence in Manchester, Newcastle and London in the United Kingdom, and Bucharest, Romania, is an amalgamation of companies M247 and Metronet. Established in 2000, the company’s mission is to “empower business productivity” and its services help businesses give customers “freedom to make their business productive, with more service, speed, network and reliability”. The fastest growing connectivity and internet infrastructure provider in the UK, M24Seven’s services extend to hosting, security, connectivity, and VoIP solutions for the UK’s SMEs, enterprises and public sector agencies. Its customer base also extends beyond the UK. The partnership with ZeroBounce is intended to facilitate options for verifying email lists and improving deliverability.

ZeroBounce, which has headquarters in Santa Barbara, California, United States, was established in 2015. The company bills itself as the “leading online email validation system created to ensure that companies sending complex and high-volume email avoid deliverability issues”. ZeroBounce is “dedicated to e-mail bounce detection, email abuse and spam trap detection, e-mail data append and advanced security”. It claims a 98% accuracy rate for marketers utilizing its validated email lists.

“With the growing emailing activity around the globe, we believe any company sending large numbers of emails should verify the email lists periodically,” explained M24Seven’s European Director, Paul Pintiliescu. “We recommend ZeroBounce as the most reliable email validation system, as the assets they provide are outstanding. Thanks to ZeroBounce, our hosting customers will improve their IP address reputation and inbox reachability, and will be able to build better brands.”

"Our goal is to be of service to businesses of all sizes that are struggling with email deliverability issues,” added Liviu Tanase, the CEO of ZeroBounce. “Starting today, M24Seven’s clients have healthier databases and will significantly improve inbox delivery rates. We are excited about this partnership and about the contribution that we make to the fast-changing email marketing landscape.”

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