Consulting Firm BearingPoint Releases Warning on Backup Data Cetners

March 5, 2005
March 3, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Business consulting and systems integration firm BearingPoint, today issued a white paper, "Minimizing the Risks of Data Center Rationalization," on system recovery during computing facility consolidation.

The point of the paper is that back-up data centers can prevent disaster in case of a primary system melt-down but the results can still lead to inefficiency, redundant staff and patchwork systems and networks.

"IT staffs have realized the complexity of their environments and are often unable to secure the funding, or the skilled professionals who are necessary for the implementation and operation of such resilient systems," said Frederic Veron, a Managing Director with BearingPoint. "Developing a clear plan for restoring transferred data and reducing the risk of exposing propriety information are just a few of the steps companies still need to take even after implementing backup and restore technologies in their major data centers. IT operations and processes need to be well-defined and tested for the sites to be in sync and reliable in the event of a failure."

A copy of the paper can be found at

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