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February 15, 2005
February 15, 2005 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Today at LinuxWorld Conference & Expo (February 14-17, 2005 at the Hynes Convention Center), SWsoft, the established leader in hosting automation and server virtualization software, announced the availability of Virtuozzo 2.6.1 for Linux that features an all-new Virtuozzo Control Center (VCC), Automatic Update Utility, Stateful Firewall Support, VPN Support and more. In addition, SMS Central, Australia’s leading SMS provider, announced it has purchased Virtuozzo to integrate within its data center.

“With the growth in wireless communications, we are faced with increasing demands on our infrastructure which include maintaining reliable and affordable backup and redundancy solutions,” Aron Steg, managing director, SMS Central. “Virtuozzo outperformed the competition in these areas, offered more efficient scaling, and delivered complete management tools which were very easy to use. We currently use Virtuozzo to efficiently operate our new server infrastructure with a dramatic 85% reduction in total costs.”

“SMS Central is an excellent testament to the value our customers are seeing in Virtuozzo’s unique virtualization architecture and its resulting near-zero overhead and fast performance,” said Kurt Daniel, director of marketing, SWsoft. “Virtuozzo 2.6.1 for Linux delivers a leading server virtualization solution through broad server virtualization capabilities and a comprehensive set of powerful tools necessary to take full advantage of the benefits of virtualizing server computing.”

Major enhancements in Virtuozzo 2.6.1 for Linux include:
 • Virtuozzo Control Center (VZCC) – Powerful and convenient access to Virtuozzo from any computer with Internet access with all-new Web-based administration tool.
• Auto-Update Utility – Easily maintain Virtuozzo software and templates at the most current version with vzup2date utility.
• Virtuozzo Power Panel (VZPP) – New VZPP enhancements include a network traffic usage summary report, search and sort capabilities and a Plesk Install Wizard to enhance end-user self-management.
• Stateful Firewall – Improved and more definable firewall support with ip_conntrack and ipt_state iptables modules inside of a VPS.
• Virtual Private Networking (VPN) Support – Easy configuration of VPN access for increased security for VPSs using the TUN/TAP device.

Virtuozzo Server Virtualization — The Smart Alternative to Hardware Virtualization SWsoft is furthering its leadership in the Operating System (OS) virtualization market with Virtuozzo for Linux 2.6.1. Virtuozzo server virtualization for Linux and Windows creates multiple isolated Virtual Private Servers (VPSs) on a single physical server enabling each VPS to perform and execute exactly like a stand-alone server.

The core benefits of Virtuozzo include:

 • Unmatched Performance – The innovative OS virtualization technology is a very thin layer that interacts with the existing OS and hardware without adding system calls or overhead.
• Highest Scalability – Split a single physical server into tens or hundreds of Virtual Private Servers (VPSs) with full dedicated server functionality. Only solution proven for up to 16 CPU systems and up to 64 Gigs of RAM.
• Full Isolation – Each VPS is completely isolated. Files changed in a particular VPS only effect that VPS and can not damage the kernel or other VPSs.
• Complete Resource Management – Designate guaranteed minimums and maximums for system resources such as CPU, memory, disk and I/O. Automate responses and actions to resource thresholds.
• Powerful Management Tools – Automated mass management of large groups of servers and VPSs with fine grained browser-based, command line and client tools and application templates.
• Instant ROI – Virtuozzo drives lower hardware, OS and management costs providing a much more favorable total cost of ownership and a faster ROI.

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