cPanel Announces First Member of New Exclusive Program

April 4, 2009
April 4, 2009 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – cPanel is pleased to announce the first member of the cPanel Exclusive Partner Program. Global Net Access LLC. (GNAX) has been a cPanel Partner NOC for over 5 years and has shown a commitment to excellence within the webhosting industry. As a next step, they have joined the cPanel Exclusive Partner Program which means they have chosen cPanel as their exclusive web hosting automation software vendor.

"Global Net Access (GNAX) is proud to be the first member of the cPanel Exclusive Partner program. We decided to focus on one panel to best provide support and management to our line of dedicated servers," Jeff Hinkle, President of GNAX, stated. "We selected cPanel for many reasons, including its popularity with hosting consumers, our extensive installed base,a very close working relationship with the cPanel team, and their ability to develop innovative products that fill our customers needs."

Global Net Access (GNAX) is proud to be the first member of the cPanel Exclusive Partner program. We decided to focus on one panel to best provide support and management to our line of dedicated servers In conjunction with this announcement GNAX will be rolling out fully managed cpanel boxes (available for public order by May 1) and running special sales promotions at that time. Fully managed GNAX servers with cPanel and CentOS are currently in beta testing with a few clients and the rollout has gone very smoothly.

Hinkle added, "It is our intent to be a premier provider of cPanel-based servers while providing the best possible support. An exclusive relationship with Cpanel will allow us to focus and best allocate our resources to accomplish this goal".

Global Net Access is the parent company of two industry-leading business lines: Enterprise level Co-Location and Dedicated Servers. The company is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and also has operations in Dallas, Texas. The company runs primary operations out of AtlantaNAP (, which is host to numerous corporate and enterprise co-location clients. The company's dedicated server line, NetDepot (, operates over 2000 dedicated servers for clients spanning the globe. The recent expansion to Dallas allowed the company to better serve the high demand for co-location and dedicated server clients in that area.

cPanel is a leading Web Hosting Control Panel Software provider supplying hosting automation tools to numerous data centers and customers all around the world. cPanel offers web hosting software that automates the intricate workings of web hosting servers. cPanel products are used on tens of thousands of servers worldwide to equip server administrators with the tools they need to provide top notch hosting to their customers. Since our beginnings in 1997, cPanel has been setting the standard for web hosting automation.

With offices in Houston, Texas as well as White Haven, Pennsylvania our staff is always available to assist you. We pride ourselves on responsiveness to the webhosting community. Our developers and technical representatives are always interested in hearing your comments and concerns and acting on them. Our goal is very simple, we want to create the best software available so that you can provide the best hosting experience possible for your customers.

cPanel has hardware facilities in Pennsylvania and Texas to ensure operations are always running smoothly. Servers in New York, California and many other locations keep software updates available and systems functioning full speed. With multiple connections at most locations and redundancy on the forefront of our design strategy, you can be sure that our operations will be running smoothly.

Our internal testing and communication with industry professionals allows us to stay on top of the hosting industry. With years of experience, cPanel is a name that the entire industry can trust to bring quality software solutions at affordable prices.

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