Cybersecurity Provider CyberInt Announces Launch of Managed Cloud Security Options

December 13, 2018
Cybersecurity Provider CyberInt Announces Launch of Managed Cloud Security Options
Cybersecurity provider CyberInt has announced the launch of new managed cloud security options. CyberInt, a Cloud Security Alliance collaborator, has headquarters in Petach Tikva, Israel, and was established in 2009. The company specializes in eliminating the risks companies face as they address digital transformation. The company’s ‘Managed Detection and Response’ services are utilized by some of the world’s top companies to resist “cyber threats that would normally go unnoticed by standard security controls”. Alongside ‘Managed Detection and Response’ its options include cyber intelligence and cyber fraud protection. CyberInt’s new cloud security service offers users “complete visibility and control of their cloud environments”.

CyberInt addresses the challenges of managing complex, multi-cloud environments by offering a robust layer of cloud security that complies with international security and privacy legislation. The company’s services also offer security audits and access to the highest levels of cyber security experts. Its services are underpinned by the company’s proprietary Argos Threat Intelligence solution which “detects flaws and counters multi-vector threats” to offer end-to-end protection.

"Cloud service providers meet only narrowly defined SLAs when it comes to cloud security," explained CyberInt’s CEO, Amir Ofek. "CyberInt ensures that cloud security is completely covered, closing the gap between security of and security in the cloud."

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