Czech Web Host IGNUM Launches CM4all Options

October 16, 2013
Czech Web Host IGNUM Launches CM4all Options
Czech web host IGNUM has launched a range of CM4all options under the brand name WEBHNED. The company, the Czech Republic's leading web host, has launched a Czech-language version of CM4all, an award winning site builder technology developed by CM-AG.

IGNUM caters to 60,000 customers and the company is offering the CM4all as a package with web hosting and a domain name. CM4all allows IGNUM's customers to build their own websites, but customers who do not wish to do this also have the option to utilize one of IGNUM's designers to create a professional website. This advanced package costs 799 Czech koruna (US$42) per month. Once completed customers will be able to review their sites before they are published and update content using a WYSIWYG editor. Customers who need to can also establish a dedicated mobile version of their sites for iOS and Android-based mobiles devices.

“The flexibility of the CM4all Sites platform enables us to provide each of our customers with an optimum website solution, whether they want to build one on their own or opt for our full-service offer. In this win-win situation, SMBs can get online in no time at all, while we reach a far broader target group than traditional website builders,” explained IGNUM's CEO , Miroslav Jura.

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